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A Rescued Kitty’s Glow Up Story That Makes You Want To Open Your Loving Arms To Help More Animals

No matter what kind of animals they are, every animals deserve a chance to live and be loved. We’ve encountered with so many hurtful cases in which kitties or puppies were left in such poor conditions, and it breaks our hearts.

This story of a user in Happy Cats Group shared about her experience rescuing a kitty, reminds us that we need to try harder and open our arms wider, to help as many animals as we could.

An Indonesian lady named Aisyah, who is currently a member of a cat rescuer community called Stray Cat Defender. One time, on the journey helping cats to have a better lives, Aisyah met Holly.

Holly is the first kitten that Aisyah had ever rescued. Unlike other kitties, when Aisyah met Holly, she was dirty and pretty sick. It was on May 1st that a member in Aisyah’s Cat Rescuer Group, found abandoned kitties on the middle of the street. Since the location wasn’t too far from Aisyah’s house, she decided to go there and help. There were two more kittens who needed help at the same time near the sewer. If it wasn’t because of the kitty who was sitting in the middle of the road, nobody would know about the other two.

Aisyah and her friend was successfully in rescuing all the kitties. However, Holly, the one who sat in the middle of the road, was in a very bad health condition. Her fur was covered in oil and she smelled really bad, she also had a flu at that time. After 3 trips to the vet, and constantly wiping her fur with wet tissue and bathing, Holly’s fur is finally dry and the markings started to appear.

Aisyah told us that Holly was named after Audrey Hepburn’s character on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, who is Aisyah’s most favorite; and hopefully the kitty will grow up to be as playful and beautiful like Holly Golightly.

The condition that Holly came home with broke our hearts.

After 3 trips to the vet and Aisyah’s constantly care and loving arms, Holly finally had the strength to fight back.

Holly had spent 4 wonderful months living with Aisyah and now she has a stable, loving and forever home for herself. Everyone who meets Holly always says “Wow, she’s so pretty.” “Her fur is so fluffy.” She earns so much love from people by her sweetness. Whenever someone calls her name, Holly immediately stops whatever she is doing and run to them.

Holly’s story is just one normal story about a rescued cat, however, we feel like it is a friendly reminder for each of us, to open our hearts more often and help other animals whenever we can and by whatever we have.

Aisyah couldn’t help Holly alone on her own, but she did try her best. Every time you give someone a chance, that means you give yourself a chance equally. Animals deserve to be loved and taken care of, they’re just one of us.