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Wife Is Speechless When She Found Out Her Husband Wasn’t Building A Bed For Them, But For Their Cat

Cat lovers are sometimes considered to be the most extreme pet owners. They’ll do anything to make sure their cats have everything to live in comfort; from cat ladders to cat beds. It is true that these independent animals don’t need us as much as we need them, they only come find us for a good cuddling or to destroy some of our things.

Recently, Julia Carlson shared her husband’s creation in making their new cat’s a bed.

Meet Ollie, the newest member in Carlson’s family and proudly to have his own custom-made bed.

Image credits: julcarls

Julia said that this cat was a surprise from Chris. “Chris always said we’d never get a pet because they’re too much work and commitment. Well, he told me he was going to grocery shopping and instead he went out and adopted this guy.” Chris didn’t only take the cat home with him, he also created a special place in the house to make a bed place from Ollie.

Image credits: julcarls

“Guys, Chris said, ‘okay I’m gonna go make the bed now,’ and I’m like yessss we’ll finally have a bed frame for our new mattress. I check on him an hour later and he has built A MINIATURE BEDFRAME AND SIDE TABLE FOR THE CAT. I’m dying.”

Image credits: julcarls

Image credits: julcarls

Chris said this DIY project took him about an hour. “The best part was my wife thinking I was making OUR Cali King sized bed frame. When she came to check on me around the end of the building process, she immediately snorted and started hysterically laughing.”

To share the hysterical prank they posted on Facebook and Reddit and received an overwhelming response. “We were very surprised it went viral. We spent about 6 hours on that Sunday periodically checking how many upvotes, likes and shares it got and just laughing at how THIS is what made us go viral.”

People’s reactions to the overloaded cuteness.