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20 Times Cats Being Asshole Stealing Dog Beds And Didn’t Give A Damn About The Pawlice

Cats might no longer be worshipped in the same way back in the time of Ancient Egypt, but that doesn’t mean they stop acting like the little furry Gods. And however sometimes, furry jerks. Some people might have the thought that cats are afraid of dogs. Well in this case, they aren’t, at least with these little assholes.

Let’s watch 20 times that cats taking dogs’ beds without asking.

#1 “Hmm.. this is the bed I can work with.”

#2 “What are you looking at, dog?”

#3 “Stop it dog I won’t leave this bed.”

#4 “Victory for the cats!”

#5 “So you’re just gonna stand there and let this cat steal my bed?”

#6 “Definitely the bigger bed the better.”

#7 “I want to sleep but it isn’t my bed anymore.”

#8 “I find this bed is extremely comfy, thanks a lot.”

#9 “It smells like dog here. Oh wait, it’s his bed. Nevermind.”

#10 “I demand my bed back!”

#11 “I want to sleep on that thing too.”

#12 This cat definitely doesn’t want to share bed with this dog.

#13 “How come your bed can be so comfy!?”

#14 “Are you going to do anything with this?”

#15 “I lost it. I lost it all, even my bed.”

#16 “Well this is awkward.”

#17 “I am extremely, definitely, not happy with this.”

#18 “I can’t sleep in this, do something, please!”

#19 “Now I have to sit and watch this cat sleeping in my home.”

#20 This cat looks like a dark lord who won the battle.

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